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Irene and the Anger
Children book


Text and drawings: Victoria Martín-Moreno
This is a simple way to show children that we are not our thoughts or our emotions. Just like Irene, the child will be able to clearly see that he or she is not the anger. He or she will be able to recognise the anger as something that we can get rid of through the practice of meditation. The child will also be able to see that without anger, things are more fun.
This book is part of the Coco Tips Collection. The aim of this series of books is to offer children new perspectives and tools to get to know themselves and others, and basically to learn how to work with the things of life.
This collection of books is based on the idea that all the reality that we perceive is created in our own mind. Each book has a main theme that helps the reader to understand the mind and to discern where true happiness can be found, and that it does not depend upon anything external to oneself.
A key element of these books is to introduce the reader into the knowledge and the practice of meditation as a tool to get to know who we are and to find peace.

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