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Teachings to inspire our daily practice, part one


November 2012

Kirchheim, 30 December 2000
Lerab Ling, 29 August 2007
Lerab Ling, 16 July 2003
San Diego, 13 November 2011
Kirchheim, 1 Jan 2011
Tuncurry, 11 March 2011
Myall Lakes, 23 Jan 2011
Tenzin Gyatso Institute, 26 June 2010
New York, 12 Sep 1999
Haileybury, 25 Apr 2011
Lerab Ling, 27 August 2005
Lerab Ling, 9 Aug 2012

1 Music
2 Enlightened courage, the attitude of bodhichitta
3 If only you knew the buddhas are here!
4 The real buddha is inside you
5 Creating auspiciousness and a positive frame of mind
6 A direct experience of the buddhas’ blessings
7 Riwo Sangchö and Tendrel Nyesel, practices for all circumstances
8 Awakening the clarity aspect of mind with sang and lungta
9 The origins, lineage and special qualities of Tendrel Nyesel
10 “Beyond words, beyond thought, beyond description”
11 Tara, who liberates all fear
12 Tsok, the great accumulation of merit and wisdom
13 Music

Restricted Material: Only available to Rigpa Dzogchen Mandala students.
Rinpoche has asked that it not be shared with others or duplicated in any form. Please respect this request.

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