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A spiritual framework for daily life


The ancient structure of the ngöndro practice provides us with a framework for transforming every aspect of our daily life into meditation. Every part of the day and night can be brought onto the path of enlightenment. It's always possible to practise the Dharma-just look at how the Tibetans turn their walking and speech into spiritual practice by circumambulating temples and reciting mantras.
If we can achieve a state of non-distraction and self-cognizant awareness in our meditation, and make that awareness continuous, we can secure our mind from negativity. But if our minds are then inactive, there is a danger that negativity will creep back into our minds, and turn us against ourselves. We keep the mind active, and maintain our inspiration, by practising the different aspects of the ngöndro during the course of the day. Whatever length of time we have available for formal practice, we should recollect and go through the process of the ngöndro practice daily. This will keep us connected to the practice.
On top of that we should remember what we've been taught, by studying the teachings and commentaries, which will remind us of the importance and purpose of practice. Then, we will be able to integrate our practice, and every situation in life will become an opportunity for liberation.

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