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Encapsulating the Ngöndro


The ngöndro offers us a way of transforming every situation we encounter, of avoiding negative karma and of accumulating positive karma from the way in which we deal with even the smallest and most commonplace actions of our lives.
Whilst it's good to study and know all the details of the ngöndro, it's also important for us to remember its essence. The more familiar we are with the details of the commentaries, the more we can scan through them and capture the most crucial points. If we keep these points in mind as we practise, they will come alive.
Generally, our mind wanders off and becomes distracted, so we transform it by practising meditation. First, we settle into the state of natural ease and let the ego and all our grasping slowly dissolve. Out of the calm abiding of shamatha dawns the clear seeing of vipashyana, and if we can, we remain in the state of non-distraction while not meditating. The more we integrate this mindfulness into our activity, the stronger it will become. Meditation is the foundation of the ngöndro, and of everything we do.

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