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Guru Rinpoche the Buddha for Our Time
audio CD or DVD


Guru Rinpoche is the embodiment, compassion and blessing of all the buddhas, and the refuge and nature of the great masters who are his emanations. He is also the nature of our mind. When we practise Guru Rinpoche, it’s the same as practising all the buddhas—we receive the blessing of all their enlightened qualities through Guru Rinpoche.
Therefore, if while visualizing Guru Rinpoche and reciting the Vajra Guru mantra, you concentrate on different aspects of Guru Rinpoche and direct your practice to different purposes, you can accomplish many different goals.
Looking into the face of Guru Rinpoche immediately brings you meditation, and the presence of his gaze reveals the pure awareness of nowness.
In his right hand Guru Rinpoche holds a vajra—the symbol of the indestructible energy of enlightenment—which is a powerful refuge and protection against negativity, as well as the basis of a healing practice that can burn away serious illness.
Guru Rinpoche holds a skullcup containing the long life vase of Buddha Amitayus in his left hand. This is the basis of practices for healing illness and emotional suffering through receiving the love and compassion of all the buddhas.

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