Riwo Sangchö - practice texts and commentaries

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Riwo Sangchö, literally ‘Mountain Smoke Offering’, is a Vajrayana practice of offering and of purification of obscurations, using the element of fire. It was hidden by Guru Rinpoche as a terma for future generations and revealed in the seventeenth century by the great master Lhatsün Namkha Jikme.
This Riwo Sangchö booklet (128 pages) features the practice texts of Riwo Sangchö and Lungta, along with two elaborate commentaries written by Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpe Nyima and Gyalse Shenpen Taye.
This is a Vajrayana practice and, as such, has three prerequisites in order to engage in it: to have received the appropriate empowerment (Tib. wang), oral transmission (Tib. lung), and instruction (Tib. tri). Please ensure that you have received these from a qualified teacher before you engage in the practice of Riwo Sangchö.

  • ISBN: SBE020

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