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Jigmes Lingpas's Yeshe Lama



Jigmes Lingpas's Yeshe Lama


This detailed commentary on Yeshe Lama by Jigmed Lingpa includes Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche's commentary, as well as portions of the root text incorporated within. The essential practice manual of the Great Perfection well known as Yeshe Lama is illuminated by this detailed commentary which outlines the steps along the path to the practice and total attainment of the Great Perfection. If internalized through practice, this teaching gives readers the necessary guidelines to achieve enlightenment as a Buddha, either in this life, at the time of death, in the dharmata bardo, or in rebirth in a pure natural nirmanakaya realm. In addition to including detailed descriptions of the preliminaries and actual practice of the path of the togal, the four bardos, or intermediate states, set forth in Yeshe Lama's Root Manual are described in detail.

Background to Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche's comment:
During the winter of 2014, Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche gave extensive teachings at his headquarters in Pharping, Nepal, on Vidyadhara Jigmed Lingpa's seminal Great Perfection Yeshe Lama manual to a gathering of several hundred khenpos, tulkus, monks, nuns and a limited group of Westerners. Following these teachings, Khenchen Namdrol asked Sangye Khandro and Lama Chonam to translate the entire commentary into English.

588 pages

Restricted Text:

This text is meant to be read, studied, and practiced only by serious, devoted practitioners of the highest cycle of the Great Perfection, who have received the corresponding empowerment and permission under the guidance of a qualified master. As such, it is a precious, unsurpassed treasure to be cherished and treated with highest respect.

ZAM is unable to determine a student’s qualification. Please consult your teacher or lama to determine if you are qualified to purchase, read, or practice this restricted text/publication. Thank you for honoring the samaya restrictions that guard the blessings for this sacred lineage.

Publications marked [Restricted] indicate that some prerequisite is required for its purchase, such as having received an empowerment, transmission, and/or permission from a lama. If necessary, please consult your teacher or lama to determine if you are qualified to purchase, read, or practice particular texts.

Video: Sangye Khandro talks about 'Why Some Texts are Restricted’ (link to https://www.shambhala.com/videos/sangye-khandro-on-why-some-texts-are-restricted/)

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