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The Art of Happiness at Work

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A sequel to the best-selling Art of Happiness, this book focuses on transforming dissatisfaction at work, and the Buddhist concept of Right Livelihood.
The Dalai Lama in conversation with psychiatrist, Dr Howard Cutler, discusses secular concerns of job, career, calling, making money, and how to be happy at work and make your life meaningful. Dr Cutler probes the Dalai Lama's wisdom by posing these questions: What is the relationship between self-awareness and work? What are the main sources of dissatisfaction, and how can we cope with them? How can we handle conflicts with co-workers and bosses? How can we deal with jealousy, anger, or hostility at work? How does lack of personal freedom on the job affect happiness? How can we deal with boredom or lack of challenge? Unfair criticism? Overly demanding or taxing situations? Job change and unemployment? How much of our misery results from our identity being so closely tied to our work?
The Art of Happiness at Work is an invaluable source of strength and peace for anyone who earns a living.


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