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The essence of Lojong: training the mind in compassion


Based on a teaching by Alak Zenkar Rinpoche

1 MP3 Audio CD or 3DVD
Originally released as Rigpalink August, September and October 2012

1 Music
2 An essential outline of the teaching
3 Lojong: an explanation of the term
4 Overcoming our grasping minds with skilful means and wisdom
5 Wisdom: impermanence, multiplicity and interdependence
6 Loosening the grip of self-grasping
7 Rely on the powerful skilful means of great compassion
8 How to make lojong practice meaningful
9 How to respond when others act unjustly
10 Change your attitude
11 What it really means to take the blame
12 Bodhisattva warriors
13 Don’t protect yourself, exchange yourself with others
14 Never fight back
15 Reflect on your thoughts and actions
16 Practising in every situation
17 An easy way to practise lojong
18 Joyful even in difficult circumstances
19 Dedication
20 Music

  • Model: MC/DVE004

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