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The Essence of the Simple Formula
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This CD brings together all of Sogyal Rinpoche’s teachings on the Simple Formula previously released through Rigpalink (Rigpalinks July to December 2007) into one complete and comprehensive explanation.









  • Rigpalink July 2007 : Creating the right environment
  • Rigpalink August 2007 : Practising in formal sessions
  • Rigpalink September 2007 : The crucial point of mind—arousing the motivation of Bodhichitta
  • Rigpalink October 2007 : The crucial point of mind—Guru Yoga
  • Rigpalink November 2007 : The crucial point of mind—The Three Noble Principles: view & dedication
  • Rigpalink December 2007 : Integration: pure presence and pure action

Sometimes the chaotic pace of our daily lives can make it hard to know how to practise meditation seriously and regularly, and bring about a lasting transformation in ourselves. How can we establish our practice, give it focus and substance, and follow the spiritual path with success?
By applying ‘the simple formula’, the framework Sogyal Rinpoche gives for every kind of formal practice. It is based on the instructions of the great Dzogchen masters of the past, but is designed for use by contemporary practitioners. The Simple Formula has three parts, and if you use them consistently, you will find that your practice becomes more effective, meaningful, and fulfilling.
The three parts are:
• creating the right environment;
• practising in formal sessions; and
• integrating the practice in your life.


  • Model: LM/LDE302

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