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Healing and Purification 3
2 audio CD


CD 1 : An Introduction to the Healing Power of the Vajrayana
CD 2 : The Essential Practice of Vajrasattva

In this compilation of historic teachings—the third in the series introducing the Tibetan Buddhist approach to healing and purification—Sogyal Rinpoche presents, clearly and simply, the fundamental principles of the Vajrayana tradition in which healing is achieved through transformation, and employ an amazing variety of skilful means, including visualization and mantra recitation, that embrace every facet of the human mind’s imagination, intellect and emotion.
Central to the practice of healing in the Vajrayana tradition is Vajrasattva— the embodiment of the indestructible energy of enlightenment and the healing powers of all the buddhas. Centuries of practice by both medical and spiritual practitioners have found Vajrasattva to be the most powerful method for removing the most deeply-rooted illnesses. And it is still true today, as Vajrasattva practice is being used to great effect to help combat the illnesses—such as cancer and AIDS—that plague our modern age.

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