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Arousing Bodhichitta, The Heart of the Enligthened Mind
The Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack


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75€ printed pack + download

The Bodhichitta Mengak Study Pack
Arousing Bodhichitta,
The Heart of the Enlightened Mind

is available now as download!

This long awaited publication is a clear, step-by-step presentation of the Buddha’s teaching on the stages of the arousing of bodhichitta.

—300 pages of teachings gathered from the insights of the great masters of the past and present, which are presented in a coherent framework that is ideal for study and practice.

—Sogyal Rinpoche’s short mengak advice, THE MOST CRUCIAL POINTS OF BODHICHITTA, which shows you how to spark bodhichitta and make it explode in your being!

—MP3CDs of Sogyal Rinpoche’s teaching on bodhichitta that have been edited under Rinpoche’s personal supervision. This CDs brings together Rinpoche’s insights, commentaries and crucial points on the nature of bodhichitta and how to generate it, in a way that is easy for you to assimilate and make your own.

It also contains many inspiring prayers and advices on bodhichitta.

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