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Guru Rinpoche: The All-Embodying Jewel


Lerab Ling, 29 August 2003

Whilst it is very good to learn and maintain the practices that are recommended to us, it is also possible to bring them all into the single practice of Guru Yoga. As the buddhas and masters are one in the nature of mind, we can invoke them in the all-embodying form of Guru Rinpoche. By visualising Guru Rinpoche in this way and reciting his mantra, we receive the blessings of all the buddhas and all our masters. We can use this one practice for meditation, dispelling negativity, healing, prosperity, the attainment of long life, the moment of death, for all circumstances: Guru Rinpoche is the all-embodying jewel.
A simple form of practice, such as relaxing in the mind of Guru Rinpoche and sitting in the warm space of his truth, is particularly good for the elderly. When we are young we should learn and experience all the different practices. If we also read about them, the new information we find will give us special angles on our practice. Just as cooking brings all the ingredients into one rich flavour, a life of practice and study brings us the essential flavour of the view. In our old age, if we have embodied everything in our view, we will be able to taste it over and over again in our practice.
Guru Yoga inspires us, bestows confidence and transforms our mind. The more trust we discover, the more we can relax our ordinary mind into the wisdom mind of Guru Rinpoche, the state of rigpa.

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