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Non-distraction: the essence of meditation
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Myall Lakes, 19 January 2003

Even though we are currently in a state of confusion, our primordial nature has never been stained, and we slowly awaken this unstained aspect when we follow the path of meditation. Fundamentally, the ground of our nature is the same as that of the Buddha, but whereas he realized his nature, we became deluded. The path provides us with the antidote to our deluded condition, and is explained in terms of view, meditation and action. Receiving a glimpse of our fundamental nature is the view, and meditation stabilises the view in our being. Action is learning to integrate the view: like an old man watching children play, we no longer get wrapped up in everyday events, or take our stories so seriously.
First, we use the practice of shamatha to work skilfully with our conceptual mind and overcome our delusion through the practice of mindfulness; we make use of our mind’s natural cognizance to arrive at the ground of our mind. Just as mineral water slowly loses its fizz, the thinking mind evaporates, and the knowing mind becomes clearer, more pervasive, and stable. As pure mind emerges and we reach the level of transcendence, the practice of vipashyana offers us an insight into our essence, and all surviving remnants of ignorance and delusion are burned away. By remaining in the non-distracted state of vipashyana, we realise the inherent nature of shunyata, which slowly reveals to us what we really are: the innate mind of clear light, the nature of mind itself.

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