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The attitude of Secret Mantrayana


The Bodhisattva and Secret Mantrayana paths are both part of the Mahayana teachings. Both are skilful means for the attainment of enlightenment, and the motivation and realization of bodhichitta are crucial to both approaches. However, whereas the motivation of bodhichitta elevates any action we undertake and makes its impact much vaster, the additional, key attitude of Vajrayana is pure perception, or sacred outlook. By developing pure perception, we cut through our delusory projections and see the pristine, intrinsic nature of phenomena. We take the brilliance of our ultimate nature, our buddha nature, as the starting point on the path to enlightenment, and we practice to maintain the purity of our perception. And when the dark clouds of delusion arise, our pure perception is our refuge, and slowly purifies us of our negativity.

So as well as arousing bodhichitta before we listen to spiritual teachings, we adopt the vast skill in means of the Secret Mantrayana by keeping the five perfections, or certainties-the perfect place, teacher, teaching, student and time-clearly in mind. By doing this, we see phenomena in their inherent nature. We see the place, for example, as the Lotus-Light Palace of the Glorious Copper-coloured Mountain, the teacher as Padmasambhava and the students as vidyadharas, dakas and dakinis. Visualizing our environment in this way is not a fabrication; it is an acknowledgment of the inherent purity of our own nature, of our environment and of all other beings.

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