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Teachings to inspire our daily practice, part two


May 2013

Lerab Ling 1 August 2002
London 26 November 2006
Lerab Ling 17 October
Lerab Ling 13 Aug 2012
Lerab Ling 31 July 2003
Haileybury 24 April 2011
Lerab Ling 1 Dec 2006
Haileybury 27 March 2005
Amsterdam 17 May 2008
Lerab Ling 28 April 2002
Myall Lakes 18 Jan 2013
Lerab Ling 18 September 2009

1 Music
2 Genuine motivation
3 The noble intention that multiplies the power of our actions
4 The natural remembrance of the three crucial points
5 The spontaneously present Eight Noble Auspicious Ones
6 Riwo Sangchö; repaying debts and purifying obscurations
7 Tendrel Nyesel; purifying the karma of the world
8 Tendrel Nyesel; manifesting rigpa as Guru Rinpoche
9 Kyerim; the union of wisdom and compassion
10 Kyerim; why we create and dissolve
11 Vajrakilaya earthquakes
12 Proclaiming the truth from the state of prajnaparamita
13 Reconnecting to the power of our inner radiance
14 Invoking the truth of the dharmata
15 Music

Restricted Material: Only available to Rigpa Dzogchen Mandala students.
Rinpoche has asked that it not be shared with others or duplicated in any form. Please respect this request.

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