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Cultivate faith and stabilize the View so that you can transform anything


January 2008

2007, 22 April, Lerab Ling; 2007, 13 May,
Lerab Ling; 2007, 28 September, Lerab Ling; 2007, 29,  Lerab Ling; 2007, 30 September, Lerab Ling; 2007, 3 June, Lerab Ling.

1 Introductory music
2 Rigpa, devotion and pure perception enhance each other
3 Always keep the View, even in everyday situations
4 When things hurt, drop your stories and apply the View
5 Developing the protection of the View
6 How to perceive the teacher: develop faith, not projections
7 The bigger picture is beyond subject-object duality
8 Dissolve confusion and stabilize pure perception
9 Concluding music

Restricted Material: Only available to Rigpa Dzogchen Mandala students.
Rinpoche has asked that it not be shared with others or duplicated in any form.
Please respect this request.

  • Model: CDE256

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