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Realizing Dzogchen Meditation: Heart Advice of Dudjom Rinpoche Part two


January 2009

1999, 17 October, Paris; 1999, 24 & 26 October, Munich; 1999, 26 October, Zürich; 1999, 27 October, Geneva; 1999, 21 November, Paris; 1999, 28 & 29 November, Clear Lake

1 Introductory music
2 When a master introduces, be in your real being
3 There is no mind, just pure awareness
4 Ne gyu rig sum: remaining in rigpa
5 Ne gyu rig sum: whatever rises is the natural radiance of our
wisdom mind
6 Ne gyu rig sum: as soon as a thought rises, awareness dissolves it
7 Everything is realized in the indivisibility of openness and clear light
8 Music

Restricted Material: Only available to Rigpa Dzogchen Mandala students.
Rinpoche has asked that it not be shared with others or duplicated in any form.
Please respect this request.

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