The Practice of Vajrakilaya


November 2006

In this compilation, Rinpoche refers to four practices of Vajrakilaya: Yang Nying Pudri and The Wisdom Mind Practice of ‘One Phurba’, both revealed by Tertön Sogyal; The Essential Daily Practice of Vajrakilaya by Kyabjé Dudjom Rinpoche; and The Ultimate Practice of Vajrakilaya, from the ter of Dudjom Lingpa.
Other than Yang Nying Pudri, these practices all appear in the Daily Sadhana Book.
You also find it very helpful to refer to these practices as you listen to this teaching, as well as page 106 of the sadhana book, which is called ‘The Mantra Recitation’. The teaching begins with Rinpoche explaining the three samadhis, with reference to the Kyérim section of A Guide to Vajrayana Practice for the Rigpa Sangha.

Restricted Material: Only available to Rigpa Dzogchen Mandala students.
Rinpoche has asked that it not be shared with others or duplicated in any form.
Please respect this request.

  • Model: CDE249

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