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NEW Trulpe Guru Tsengye (2018)


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Trulpe Guru Tsengye Thangka

Over many years, the Rigpa Sacred Tibetan Art Team have worked closely with Sogyal Rinpoche & Orgyen Tobgyal, with the aim of collecting, preserving and making available the best examples of Tibetan sacred art. The team has developed digital techniques both to restore and repair existing thangkas and to create new thangkas where no known good examples exist.

Under the attentive guidance of experts such as Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche, the team makes new images that accurately depict the descriptions of deities or mandalas found in practice texts.  

About this thangka

The Trulpe Guru Tsengye thangka is a support for ‘The prayer which is the source of all realization’ by Mipham Rinpoche (which can be found in the Rigpa Daily Sadhana Book, at the end of the section called ‘Prayers to Guru Rinpoche’).

The story behind its creation
The thangka that illustrates the prayer of Trulpe Guru Tsengye printed in the Rigpa Daily Sadhana Practice, depicts the eight vidyadharas of India and the eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche, but not the eight main deities of the Kagyé, and the eight Great Bodhisattvas, who are also part of the prayer.

This thangka was commissioned by Rigpa to produce a more complete version. It took many years of research to collect all the information needed to make a new thangka.

Very close to the 120th anniversary of the composition of this prayer, the thangka was completed and made available for Losar, 2018.


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