Treasury of Wisdom

Did you know that by buying the resources you need for your
study and practice through Zam—either in a shop or through
the internet—that you are helping to fund Dharma projects
chosen by Sogyal Rinpoche? It serves the Rigpa sangha.

It supplies :
? teachings that support public events with Sogyal Rinpoche and senior student teachers
? teachings edited for Rigpa Sangha Gatherings
? teachings edited for the Home Retreat and the Parallel Programme
? up to date recordings of all the different practices of the Rigpa sangha
? the teachings which Zam edits, translates and makes available

It preserves, archives, catalogues.

Since the 1970’s, Sogyal Rinpoche and Rigpa have invited more than a hundred teachers to teach Rigpa
students, including several of the greatest masters of the twentieth century.
Over the same period, Sogyal Rinpoche has himself given a vast number of teachings on a very wide spectrum
of subjects.

To preserve this priceless legacy for the benefit of future generations, The Treasury of Wisdom has:
? archived more than 12,000 audio tapes: approximately 18,600 hours of teachings
? archived 5,000 video tapes, approximately 15,000 hours of teachings
? digitized teachings recorded on 3,000 hours of video tape and 20,000 hours of audio tape
? securely stored these teachings on 35 terabytes of hard disk space (35,000 gigabytes)
? completed more than 6,000 transcripts of the teachings held in the archive

With the continued support of the Rigpa sangha,
it will be able to:
? digitize more than 12,000 photos
? digitize another 6,000 hours of teachings recorded on video tape
? gather and order all available information into a single database that
will be an invaluable resource for future study and research
? facilitate the production of many definitive publications and recordings of the teachings

Your purchases through Zam directly support the
continuation of the Rigpa Treasury of Wisdom
project. Thank you very much for your support.

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