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Photos of Thangkas and images of deities

It is now possible to order big size photos. They are all printed to order so no refunds or returns are available.

  • 76 x 106 cm at 112€ (inlcudes shipping)
  • 60 x 84 cm at 92€ (includes shipping)
  • 50 x70 cm at 72€ (includes shipping)
  • 40 x 56 cm at 62€ (includes shipping)
  • 30 x 42 cm at 44€ (includes shipping)

If you don't see the option for the photo you are interested in then please contact us via email or phone .
Be aware that these sizes are approximate.

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Three long life deities Photo 4 sizes

Three long life deities
Photo 4 sizes


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Vajrasattva Photos


In the Vajrayana tradition, Vajrasattva , the embodiment of the healing power...

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