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Everything you need to know about audio/video download


  • When you subscribe you will automatically receive a login and password to the Dharmakosha website, if you do not have a rigpa password already.


  •  Once you have logged into the Dharmakosha website, go to Study & Practice materials for Rigpa students / Zam-links / Rigpalinks download.
  • To listen to the audio files or watch the video files, you simply need to add them to your audio/video library, (itunes, VLC or any of the many multimedia player that you can download for free).  
  • If you have an MP3 player or Ipod you can transfer the files to it in the usual way.
  • Each month you will receive an email notifying you that the latest audio download is now available with a weblink to the download. Click on the included link to the download page. In order to receive this monthly notification you need to subscribe to our free newsletter.


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