Vajrasattva Practice Pack

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 Vajrasattva Practice Pack (download)

Vajrasattva is the embodiment of the indestructible energy of enlightenment, and the purity and healing power of all the buddhas. By meditating on Vajrasattva and reciting his mantra, we can purify all the delusion, destructive emotions, deeply ingrained habits and negative karma that cause illness and suffering, obscure our true nature and prevent us from attaining enlightenment. 

The Vajrasattva Practice Pack provides all the materials you need to make your Vajrasattva practice meaningful, including many video teachings, audio recordings of the practice and the hundred syllable mantra, practice texts, written advice and images.

In February 2015, this practice pack was updated with:

the Vajrasattva teachings from the July 2014 Ngöndro Retreat in Lerab Ling and

  • guidelines on how to use this pack, which include an introduction to Vajrasattva practice, a description of all items of this pack and how to practise Vajrasattva essentially, for those who are new to this practice.

This is available to all Mandala students of the Rigpa Sangha.

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