DSB pack 3 (hardcopy)


This quality publication includes beautifully detailed color images of all the deities we visualize, many new translations and improved transliteration. this version includes :

   a printed version of the practice

   a downloadable version

   and audio recordings of the practice.

The downloadable versions (only available to Rigpa students) of the practice text include three formats: epub, kindle and pdf. The first two formats include buttons to help you move easily through the practice text, and are already available in two versions: with or without Tibetan script. Epub is the format most suited to many electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It can be opened in iBooks (for Mac) or Gitden Reader (for Android) and with many other applications.


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Script Tibetan

This package is  for student which have received Guru Rinpoche empowerment ( such as Tendrel Nyesel, Rigdzin Dupa or Tukdrup Barche Kunsel). It includes :

    • Riwo Sangchö & Lungta Prayers
    • Tendrel Nyesel
    • Vajrakilaya daily practice and Vajrakilaya tsok
    • complete additional practices (including Damdrip Nyepa Kunsel, Dukkar, Dorjé Dermo and Marici practices) 
    • Prayers to Tara
    • Brief Dharmapalas
    • Confession and Fulfilment (Yeshé Kuchokma)
    • Tsok Offering Prayers (without the Vajrakilaya Tsok)
    •  Prayers to Guru Rinpoche
    • Conclusion to The Brief Tsok Feast Offering for Tendrel Nyesel
    • Conclusion to The Brief Practice of Tendrel Nyesel
    • Dedication and Long Life Prayers
    • Additional Prayers and Practices
    • Confession and Fulfilment (Narak Kongshak)
    • Aspiration Prayers 

Please purchase only the practices and texts for which you have received an empowerment. We trust you to respect this. For a complete list of empowerments given to the Rigpa sangha since 1977, visit the Rigpa Shedra Wiki article.