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Medium Tendrel Nyesel


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Medium Tendrel Nyesel Practice Book - provisional draft Feb. 2021 for Drupchö practice

Its Revelation

The terma of Tendrel Nyesel was revealed by Lerab Lingpa in the year 1900. His biography describes how, at night on the tenth day of the seventh Tibetan month, Guru Rinpoche and the dakinis of the five buddha families appeared to him in a dream and gave him the complete empowerment and instructions of Tendrel Nyesel. On the twenty-fifth day, he performed a tsok feast offering of Khandro Sangwa Kundü, and prayed that there be no obstacles to the discovery of the terma, and for its revelation to bring tremendous benefit. During the tsok feast, Lerab Lingpa had a clear vision of the site where the terma would be found. Two days later, he received the casket containing the Tendrel Nyesel from the terma protector in a secret cave. He said he felt happier at that moment than when revealing any other of his termas.

The next evening, Guru Rinpoche appeared to him, riding a tiger and making a prophecy concerning the decipherment of the terma. From the tenth to the twelfth day of the eighth Tibetan month, Lerab Lingpa deciphered the Tendrel Nyesel, made many fervent prayers of aspiration, and was consumed with a feeling of joy. To decipher that many folios, as he did, in just over two days with no error, omission or fault, was an extraordinary feat.

(Rigpa wiki)

Restricted to students who have been practising ngöndro regularly for a minimum of two years and who have received a Guru Rinpoche or Tendrel Nyesel empowerment.