Tendrel Nyesel Essential Pack


With the aim to help you study Tendrel Nyesel, easily evoke its meaning, and have all the resources you need to make the practice as powerful as possible, here is an essential pack of materials in digital format to download.

This is available to Ngöndro and Dzogchen Mandala students of the Rigpa Sangha


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Tendrel Nyesel is a special teaching and practice for eliminating, preventing, protecting against, and transforming harm and conflict of every kind, inner, outer and secret, including those created by negative actions, disturbing emotions and mistaken perception. It is famed as a practice dedicated specifically to averting the inauspiciousness of the times, and is said to be one of the most powerful practices for bringing peace and stability to the world. Tendrel Nyesel is one of the most important practices of the Rigpa Sangha, and one that Sogyal Rinpoche asks his students to practise everyday.

it's include :

  • written guidelines :

Hung Hung Hrih Mikpa (PDF)

This brief mikpa for the main visualization of the Mantrayana Practice of Tendrel Nyesel guides us in actualizing the View of rigpa arising as Guru Rinpoche.

  • video teachings :

Removing Inauspicious Circumstances from the World : a profound teaching on Tendrel Nyesel that Sogyal Rinpoche shared in Lerab Ling before granting the empowerment to the Rigpa Sangha in July 2013, also available here

Tendrel Nyesel Evocatives : Short evocative teachings on Tendrel Nyesel to inspire your practice and make it more meaningful.

How to Practise Tendrel Nyesel Meaningfully : Sogyal Rinpoche practising Tendrel Nyesel with students.

  • images to support your practice


  • practice materials

Tendrel Nyesel practice text (PDF)

Tendrel Nyesel audio recordings of the practice in Tibetan (MP3)

pour plus de détails :