Guru Yoga and Devotion
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In these teachings, Sogyal Rinpoche leads us through a practice of Guru Yoga and evokes its great power to transform us.
When we invoke Guru Rinpoche, we invoke all the buddhas of all times. By reciting his mantra, we purify the entire mechanism of samsara. Through the four empowerments we transform body, speech and mind on outer, inner and secret levels.
Guru Yoga empowers us in many ways. When, through Guru Rinpoche, we unite our mind with the wisdom mind of all the buddhas, their tremendous love and blessings enter us. We are filled with love and devotion which, in turn, multiply the blessings and show us the nature of mind. Our minds are transformed, so much so, that we can even receive difficulties as blessings. Guru Yoga empowers us with Refuge and Bodhichitta as well as devotion, and so concentrates the essentials of our path into this single practice. It purifies and renews our practice and our spiritual path.
This teaching was previously released as Guru Yoga and Devotion, Rigpalink no. 392.

  • ISBN: CD/DVE392

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