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NEW Pema Totreng Tsal (2018)


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Pema Tötreng Tsal Thangka

Over many years, the Rigpa Sacred Tibetan Art Team have worked closely with Sogyal Rinpoche & Orgyen Tobgyal, with the aim of collecting, preserving and making available the best examples of Tibetan sacred art. The team has developed digital techniques both to restore and repair existing thangkas and to create new thangkas where no known good examples exist.

Under the attentive guidance of experts such as Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche, the team makes new images that accurately depict the descriptions of deities or mandalas found in practice texts.  

About this thangka

This thangka shows Guru Rinpoche appearing as the powerful vidyadhara Padma Tötreng Tsal. This is the form he is visualized in during the practice of Riwo Sangchö.

Padma Tötreng Tsal is the secret name of Guru Rinpoche. It is said that when someone calls him by this name, Guru Rinpoche cannot help but respond extremely quickly. The Gentle Rain of Benefit and Joy, Gyalsé Shenphen Thayé’s commentary on Riwo Sangchö, says:

There are two extremes which are feared by the ?r?vakas and pratyekabuddhas of the h?nay?na, and by the bodhisattvas of the mah?y?na respectively. They are the extreme of sa?s?ric existence, as vast as space, and the extreme of the peace of nirv??a.

The supreme sources of refuge with the power to protect from these two fearful situations are the perfectly enlightened buddhas. And of all the manifestations emanating from the wisdom that is inseparable from their enlightened minds, one is like the innermost heart-essence.

Who is that? It is the one who has reached the level of a spontaneously accomplished vidy?dhara, who has perfected the general activity of the victorious ones.

The story behind its creation

Ian Maxwell, who was one of the main driving forces behind the creation of the Rigpa Shedra and the long-term retreat centre in Dzogchen Beara, spent many years searching for an image of Pema Totreng Tsal. He asked many lamas, including Trulshik Rinpoche, but he never found anything of note. After many years of searching, Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche asked the Rigpa Sacred Tibetan Art Team to reproduce a small photo of an image of Pema Totreng Tsal.

Using an existing image of Tsokye Dorje (a from of Guru Rinpoche) from a series of paintings of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo’s visions as a basis, some of the attributes and details were adapted to match the description of Pema Totreng Tsal and the image that Orgyen Tobgyal provided.

It is a wonderfully auspicious coincidence that this image came to fruition at a time when the practice of Riwo Sangcho is particularly important for the Rigpa Sangha, and for the world in general.


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