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How to Overcome Depression


A brief guide to Sogyal Rinpoche’s best teachings since 1995 on how to overcome depression.

This book, the first of a series, focuses specifically on the seven best teachings Sogyal Rinpoche has given between 1995 and 2003 on various aspects of depression and how it can be overcome. It includes both an outline of Rinpoche’s essential advice on working with depression, and detailed appreciations of each of the recommended edited audio CD.

Throughout these teachings, Rinpoche shows how, with the support of our sangha, our family and our friends, by entering into the teachings and learning how to tame and train our minds, we can overcome our depression. He goes on to assure us that, even though it may take time and effort, if we continue to apply the teachings to every aspect of our lives, we can all simply choose to be happy.

by Rigpa Collected Works Team

A brief guide to Sogyal Rinpoche's best teachings since 1995 on how to overcome depression

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