Refuge : the crucial points (MP3)



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Sogyal Rinpoche has gathered these most crucial points and mengaks over a long period of time, by teaching again and again on refuge according to the commentaries of the great masters, such as:
—The Words of My Perfect Teacher and the Brief Guide to the Stages of Visualization by Patrul Rinpoche,
—A Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher by Khenpo Ngawang Palzang,
—A Torch for the Path to Omniscience by Chökyi Drakpa, and
—commentaries by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Khenpo Kunzang Palden, Yukhok Chatralwa Chöying Rangdrol, Dudjom Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, and many others.

01 Introductory music
02 Definitions of Refuge
03 Unifying Practice in the Light of Refuge
04 Vivid Faith
05 Eager Faith
06 The Three Wisdom Tools
07 Confident Faith, Part one
08 Confident Faith, Part two
09 Irreversible Faith
10 Motivation
11 The Three Crucial Points
12 The All-Embodied Jewel Practice
13 The process of Refuge
14 Visualizing the Field of Merit
15 Three Aspects of Guru Rinpoche Practice
16 Expressing Respect with Body, Speech and Mind
17 Explanation of the Refuge Prayer, Part One
18 Explanation of the Refuge Prayer, Part Two
19 Refuge in Post-Meditation
20 Refuge At All Times in Life
21 Refuge: A Summary
22 The Refuge Precepts
23 The Benefits of Taking Refuge
24 Essence of Refuge, Part One
25 Essence of Refuge, Part Two
26 Concluding music

originally released as Ngöndrolink December 2008, February 2009, April 2009 June 2009