A Great Treasure of Blessings



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A Great Treasure of Blessings - An Inspiring Collection of the Most Loved and Powerful Prayers to Guru Rinpoche

This invaluable collection of prayers to Guru Rinpoche, accompanied by an illuminating account of his life, is reissued to celebrate the Fire Monkey Year of the Tibetan calendar (2016-17). The Monkey Year is especially sacred to Guru Padmasambhava.

It is to Guru Rinpoche that Tibetan Buddhism owes its dynamism, vitality and success. The prayers contained in this book include many that have been recited by some of the greatest masters, for example, Kyabjé Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpoche, in their daily practice. They are the vajra words of either Guru Rinpoche himself, or the extraordinary masters who have been emanations of him or his closest disciples.

It is now available both in printed form and as an e-book.

This book was first published in 2004. New in this second edition:

  • additional prayers and revised translations;
  • an inspiring account on how Guru Rinpoche’s main disciples moved him to bring Le’u Dünma - The Prayer in Seven Chapters into being;
  • a completely new, full-colour design, created by Sogyal Rinpoche;
  • the use of the Tibetan font TertonSogyalPro, which is meticulously based on the handwriting of Sogyal Rinpoche;
  • an enlarged selection of images of Guru Rinpoche and his manifestations.