Approaching Death


Approaching Death  : a collection of teachings


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Many times over the years, Rinpoche has given his ‘Heart Advice’ to students who were sick and approaching death. At such times, moved deeply by the their circumstances, Rinpoche communicates a sense of profound blessing that, time and again, has completely transformed the mind of the person he was comforting. He also offers essential advice that is both very personal and universally applicable. By essentializing the most important and relevant teachings into crucial points, Rinpoche supports us through times of difficulty and fear, and encourages us to inspire and stabilize our spiritual practice.
Most importantly, he shows that if we can simply let go of all our grasping, and enter undistracted into the nature of mind, uniting with the wisdom mind of all the buddhas, we can face with confidence, the extraordinary opportunity for liberation at the moment of death.
These MP3 include some of the ‘Heart Advice’ Rinpoche has given over the last twelve years. Here Rinpoche:
• Explains Padmasambhava’s advice for the moment of death.
• Shows how to use the teachings skilfully to transform the environment
of mind.
• Explains the practice of Phowa.
• Offers guidance on other relevant practices.
• Addresses common concerns and questions.
All these teachings communicate a wisdom and love beyond the words that can uplift us at crucial times. Listen to the teachings that resonate most with your needs.

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