Discovering Buddhism


In Discovering Buddhism, in a clear accessible way Dominique Side gives an overview of Buddhism in terms of its history, key ideas traditions and practices. More than just a book to be read, there are also reflections, essay and discussion questions on each topic.


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For those already familiar with Buddhism, the book educates us about traditions other than our own, giving us a comprehensive view of the vast Buddhist landscape. It is also an ideal entry point for anyone just beginning to explore Buddhism or for friends and family of Western Buddhists, who are curious about Buddhism simply because of their Buddhist friend or family member.

About the book, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche said:

“As long as I have known Dominique Side, she has not only been a critical searcher and academic, but she has also personally seen the value of the Buddhist path and encountered many great masters of this century. That’s why her book is not like most introductory books that present Buddhism as a religion along with lots of facts, figures, and logical arguments.

“Instead, it presents a different way of looking at life and the world, and it encourages the kind of critical exploration, questioning, and reflection that can actually enrich the reader’s personal understanding. That’s why I’d sooner recommend this book than some compilation of materials based primarily on academic credentials and references.”