Healing and Purification 12 audio CD



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CD1 : an Introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist Approach to Healing and Purification
CD2 : Meditation: How to Heal and Purify Body, Mind and Heart

One of the most marvellous aspects of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is its development of an array of practices that can fill us with the power and joyful enthusiasm we need to unblock our hearts, and allow the healing energies of wisdom and compassion to becomes truly effective.

The very word "healing" resonates with the hope that we are basically healable, and that we have the ehaling power within us. In factm the teachings tell us that the power of mind can both heal pain and inspire lasting joy. If we use that power, while alos living appropriately with a positive attitude, and practising meditation, we can not only heal ourselves mentally and emotionally, but also physically.

This is the first series of compilations of teachings by Sogyal Rinpoche that introduces the Tibetan Buddhist approach to healing and purification in a way that is both inspiring and very practical. First , Rinpoche explains why it is that we develop illness in the first place and how, through the practice of meditation, it is possible to heal and purify oiur kinds and bodies. Rinpoche then goes on to introduce meditation, from the most basic methods to the most profound, with all the characteristic wisdom, humour and boundless compassion for which he is so beloved.