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The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind From Samsara


The four thoughts that turn the mind from samsara are a series of deep and life-changing contemplations, embracing:
—the uniqueness of human life,
—the ever-presence of impermanence and death,
—the vicious cycle of frustration and suffering that is samsara, and
—the infallibility of the cause and effect of our actions.
Samsara is ”the dualistic or neurotic way in which we live”, which is the cause of suffering.
Ego is a false and ignorantly assumed identity that separates us from our true nature. In this teaching, Rinpoche shows in detail how “ego can convert anything to its own use, even spirituality”. We contemplate and apply the four thoughts to our behaviour so that we can become more genuine and achieve true renunciation, the joyful and “urgent desire to emerge from samsara and follow the path to liberation”.

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