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What Meditation Really Is Workbook
Part Two
A5 booklet


Using our senses, thoughts and emotions as a support

In the last workbook, two basic practices of shamatha meditation were introduced: watching the breath and focusing on a form or image. Now you will build on this knowledge and learn how to use every aspect of your experience—even the sources of distraction itself—as a support for calming the mind and finding inner peace.
All the methods described in Part 1 and Part 2 are quite simple, and with sustained daily practice they can have a radical effect on us. With just a bit of effort, we can learn to relax and remain centred, aware and at ease; we no longer have to be endlessly distracted by our thoughts and emotions.

The contents of this workbook have been written by students of Sogyal Rinpoche, under his guidance and based on the programme devised by him.

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