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How to inspire your practice

“Here is a simple guide on how to inspire ourselves on the path each day, … so that we can overcome obstacles, become more familiar with our true nature during life, and meet death well prepared.”

Sogyal Rinpoche gave an exceptionally focused and powerful spontaneous teaching during this year’s winter retreat in Kirchheim, Germany. The teaching is full of all sorts of encouraging advice on how we can inspire ourselves to practise, and keep ourselves inspired, so that our minds can truly turn towards the Dharma and the core of our being can be transformed.

So that you can use this teaching as your constant reminder and companion on the path, it has been edited, points from other teachings have been added, and it is available now for you to download and print from the Rigpa Sangha Website. If you cannot print it out yourself, you can pick up a copy at your local centre.

Sogyal Rinpoche says in this teaching that it would be extremely beneficial for us all to do a short practice of Tendrel Nyesel every day, because it is such an incredible practice for removing inauspicious circumstances. If you need further advice and support on how to do this, you can download How to Practise Tendrel Nyesel Simply from the Rigpa Sangha Website.

The teaching also recommends several audio teachings that you might like to explore. Below is a list of those teachings.


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